Stormy Daniels Slams The Door In Mr. President’s Face: She Aims To Return $130,000 For Her ‘Services’

Date March 13, 2018

They say silence has its price, but when it comes to Stormy Daniels and her relationship with Donald Trump, there must be another reason they didn’t agree on the price. After Daniels had signed an agreement for keeping silence in return for money, she started to back down and filed a lawsuit against the president.


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Now, the notorious porn star has come to the decision: she wants to return all the money he was given for her silence, and it’s not more, not less - $130,000 so that she could speak freely. She wrote it in the letter addressed to president Trump’s personal lawyer.



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Stormy Daniels preferred not to be silent about her relationship with President Trump, and she’s even taped an interview with the CBS magazine “60 minutes” with her view on the subject. Now, they work on verifying all the info she revealed.

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