“This Relationship Is Really Unique”: Adam Is A Happy Father Who Lives With 2 Wives And 2 Kids

Date March 6, 2018

The notion of “consensual non-monogamy” and the process of practicing it are becoming more and more popular in our society. But for those who have no clue about it, there is a simple explanation. Polyamory is the practice of relationship with more than one partner, and when all of them know about each other.

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The story of this dad, two moms, and kids has become the top in all kinds of media. But these people believe it’s the best way to raise a kid. Adam Lyons is a British expat. He has a son, Dante, and his mom is Brook Shedd. But then, there’s another son Orion from another girlfriend, Jane Shalakhova. Both kids call these women their moms, and they saw nothing strange in that.

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The family runs a join business and says they are happy together. It works for all of them, and here is what Lyons says:

For me this relationship is really unique because I get both aspects of two completely different women. Brooke fulfills my nerdy side. We geek out over geek culture. On the other hand, Jane drives the business and helps push me with my work stuff.