“We Will Not Just Shut Up And Dribble!” NBA Star Dwyane Wade Dedicates His Season To Parkland Victim Joaquin Oliver


Such horrible events like the one that had happened in one of the schools of Florida should never happen again. That’s what students, their parents, whole communities, and influential people want. All of them are trying hard to attract the attention of the authorities to the gun control problem and have ready-made suggestions. People, who survived the shooting, stand up in the #NeverAgain movement that is aimed to prevent such accidents.

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And when Miami’s Dwayne Wade heard that one of the victims of the Parkland shooting was buried in his jersey, he almost broke in tears. It was a 17-year-old student who was excited that Wade finally returned to Miami. It made the NBA star make a vow that this season will be dedicated to Oliver. What it more, he strongly believes that this must come to an end.

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People welcomed such an act of kindness. But the saddest thing is that Oliver will never visit the match with his favorite player on the field.

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