Will The Death Of Bill Cosby’s Daughter Become A Final Straw In His Marriage?

Date March 20, 2018

Only a few weeks ago, the family of Bill Cosby has suffered a terrible loss. His daughter, Ensa, died at the age of 44 from renal disease. It’s the condition that impairs kidney function. The daughter stood by her father even when he was accused of sexual assault and believed he was innocent.


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However, the wife of the famous comic, Camille, 73, believed it’s Bill to blame for the death of their daughter. She was one of those who firmly supported him no matter what all the media said. And all that stress could have become the reason for the development of her disease.



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That must have been a final straw in the relationship of the couple. In addition to constant humiliation, Camilla now will have to live through the death of her daughter. Even during the closing listening of the comedian’s trial, his lawyer said she “deserved better”.