Wrongly Accused Man Spends 38 Years In Prison Before Being Exonerated. He Comes Home With Puppy He Raised


February 23, 2018 11:46 By Fabiosa

The amount of wrongly accused people is rising with every year in the US, and it’s become a problem that has already ruined millions of lives, and no one knows when it will end. For the last year, the number of exonerations reached 149.

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It’s next to impossible some people have been in prison for almost 40 years, and only then, they were proved to be innocent. That’s exactly the story of this Louisiana man who was exonerated by DNA evidence after he had served almost 38 years in prison.

Malcolm Alexander was arrested back in 1979 for the rape he didn’t commit. His attorney failed to provide him decent defense, and it resulted in sentence. By the way, his puppy, the man raised, was also released from Angola a day after him.

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The whole family gathered to welcome their hero from prison. It’s hard to describe the feeling of happiness on their faces. But it would be better if nothing like this wouldn’t have ever happened.

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