700 Lbs Woman Dreamed Of Being The Fattest Female But Lost 200 Lbs For The Sake Of Her Baby

Date March 22, 2018 16:31

Monica Riley had a weird dream – she wanted to become the fattest woman in the world. Already weighing 700 lbs., she didn’t want to stop there, hoping she would reach 1000 lbs. and become immobile. Her boyfriend Sid was totally supportive and even helped Monica by funnel feeding her.

But their life turned around when the couple found out that the morbidly obese model was pregnant. Actually, she had always wanted to start a family and have many kids. But she had suffered two miscarriages and had been diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome. So, imagine Monica’s surprise when she saw a positive test.

Getting to know the happy news, Riley decided to change her life and ensure her pregnancy was as safe as possible. As a result of gentle exercises and diet, the woman managed to lose more than 200 lbs.! And Monica wants to lose even more.

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Now, the woman is 465 lbs. She got a referral for gastric bypass surgery, and she hopes she will be at least 200 lbs. lighter.

As for the pregnancy, Riley still suffered some health complications and had to deliver a baby through C-section at 33 weeks. Little girl had difficulty breathing at first. Now, the baby is doing well. And her parents want to ensure she follows a healthy lifestyle as she grows.

They will not let their daughter eat junk food and candies. Instead, Monica and Sid want to get her hooked on vegetables and fruit.

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