Bad Hair Day? Ivanka Trump Visits A Hair Salon In Iowa, And It Drives Customers Away

Date March 23, 2018

Recently, first daughter Ivanka Trump has traveled to Iowa. There, she visited the Waukee Innovation and Learning Center, met students, discussed tech education, and even took part in a few experiments. Before an event, the president’s daughter visited a hair salon to get her hair styled. And it seems that people were not satisfied to see her there!

Of course, after serving the White House adviser, the owners of Salon Spa W took to Facebook to share a snap of Ivanka together with Governor Kim Reynolds. We mean, who wouldn’t boast about having famous customers? But instead of positive comments, the hair salon attracted heat and drove away clients.

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What was the people's reaction?

Countless Facebook users disapproved Salon Spa W’s decision to serve the two women. And some even stated that they would no longer use its services!

Of course, a number of other Internet users had another opinion. They thanked the salon for its excellent serving the first daughter. After all, doing someone hair doesn’t necessarily mean that you share their political views. And if Salon Spa W refused styling Ivanka’s hair, would not it be discrimination?


But the salon owners were not the only people blasted. Folks on Twitter also mocked Trump for sharing a pic of her conducting a science experiment despite having no expertise or experience in science.

Ivanka also works as an adviser to to her dad, which many believe is not ethical.

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