Chip And Joanna Gaines Have Just Revealed The Gender Of Their New Baby In A Cute Video!

Date March 8, 2018

It turns out that when Chip Gaines said he wanted to expand his family of 6, he wasn’t joking! Once he and his wife, Joanna, finished filming the last season of the hit TV series, Fixer Upper, they announced they are expecting their baby No. 5!

Both parents took to the social media to share the wonderful news. In her Instagram post, Joanna revealed that since her tummy was getting bigger and bigger each day, it was no sense hiding it anymore.

Now, the couple have finally revealed the gender of the kid! And they did it in the cutest fashion possible!

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It’s well-known that the Fixer Upper stars opt for 'D' names for boys (their sons’ names are Drake and Duke) and 'E' names for girls (their daughters’ names are Emmie and Ella). So, while chatting with his new friend, little Gage, Gaines asked him to come up with a name for their child…

And it’s a 'D' name!

The little boy must have known the name tradition and quickly assumed the pair are expecting a son. And Chip replied:

It's a little boy!

The proud father also revealed he wanted to go with the name Dragon. But it’s not surprise Joanna was against it. Now, the countless fans of the two make their name suggestions on Twitter.

Marking another milestone

The couple have just marked another achievement. After months of waiting, they have finally opened their new restaurant in Waco.

The spot called Magnolia Table serves up some of Joanna’s favorite breakfast items like avocado toasts, French toasts, and buttermilk biscuits.

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