Could Camilla Become Queen After All? Clarence House Removes Statement About Her Future Role

Date March 13, 2018

Although some Britons want the Queen’s eldest grandson William to become King, Prince Charles will most likely take up this duty. In fact, he may take charge when his mother turns 95, which will make him Prince Regent. But officially, he can only take the reins when the Queen dies.

Charles will become king someday. But will his wife become a queen?


What is Camilla’s title?

Right now, she’s the Duchess of Cornwall. Although Camilla could have become Princess of Wales, she didn’t want that because of respect to Princess Diana. And she has no intention of becoming a queen! The reason for that might be her selfishness or fear that people would refuse to accept her.


Instead, Camilla will become Princess Consort. Or, at least, that’s what Clarence House’s FAQ section stated until recently. But a revamp of its website led to many rumors and speculations. As it turns out, the Clarence House has removed the statements featuring Camilla’s future title. It has also removed "Princess Consort" from her biography. And given Charles’ intentions to make his wife a queen, many believe she may be given the title.

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Or, maybe, the question is just not asked as frequently as previously to be featured in the section.


What does Prince Charles think?

Of course, Elizabeth’s son wants his beloved to be a queen, even if she is of another opinion. Camilla might be forced to take the title because of devotion and affection for her husband.

Does she want to do it? No. But she loves him, so obviously she’s going to end up having to for him.


After all, Prince Charles usually gets what he wants, and we’re sure he already has a plan in mind to change people’s opinion about the Duchess of Cornwall.

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