Daniela Vega Makes History As The First Transgender Person To Present An Award At The Oscars

Date March 7, 2018

When you are a largely unknown actor, you need to have the guts to take a title role. And when you’re transgender, it takes even more courage and self-assurance to star in a movie called A Fantastic Woman and convince the audience that the film’s title applies not only to the character. But, after many years of transitioning as a female, Daniela Vega has proved that she’s fantastic.

© Una mujer fantástica (2017) / Participant Media

Starring in a female-centered drama

The Chilean drama has become a real hit over the past year. This playful but highly serious film has just won the Academy Award for the Best Foreign Language Film.

© Una mujer fantástica (2017) / Participant Media

And we should say that the extraordinary performance of Vega was a key to the movie’s success. As the film’s plot revolves around a young trans woman, Daniela knew exactly what to do, bringing emotions and depths to the role.

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And she continues to make history!

The star of the Oscar-winning movie became the first openly transgender presenter at the ceremony. Taking to the stage, Vega introduced the performance by Sufjan Stevens (his "Mystery of Love" was also nominated for an award).

Many LGBTQ supporters rushed to the social media to acknowledge the importance of this moment.

Overall, 2017 was a breakthrough year for the community. Apart from A Fantastic Woman, the films Call Me by Your Name, The Shape of Water, and Netflix’s Strong Island caused much of a buzz, portraying transgender or gay people. And LGBTQ also made history at the Olympics, with Adam Rippon being the first openly gay athlete to participate in the games.

Congratulations to A Fantastic Woman’s cast!

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