Did Donald Trump Just Use A Cheat Sheet To Remind Him To Show Empathy To Shooting Survivors?

Date February 22, 2018

Following the terrible Parkland shooting, Donald Trump met parents and friends of young victims. Seated around the president, they told him heart-breaking stories and shared their loss. Crying and raising their voices, students and parents begged the 71-year-old to take action and fix gun control. Like one of the fathers said:

It should've been one school shooting, and we should've fixed it.


And we totally agree with that. Trump promised to figure things out and expressed support for arming teachers. While some backed the idea, it raised many controversial reactions. And this was not the only thing that made people angry.

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Outrage waves

When the president linked the shooting to the FBI’s failure to prevent it (blaming them on spending too many resources on the Russia investigation), students could not keep silence. They rushed to the social media, asking Trump to change priorities:

My friends were brutally murdered and you have the nerve to make this about Russia.

And now comes the second wave of lash out

Those eagle-eyed who attended the listening session noticed that the president used handwritten notes to help him navigate the meeting. All the items were numbered, including what questions to ask and how to comfort the audience. And some of them may seem ridiculous.

People are now talking about item number five, which made the Internet go crazy:

I hear you.

Needless to say, the fact that the president needs to be reminded to offer sympathy caused major negative reactions.

Here are some of them

But we still hope that this meeting was productive, and a real change will come to secure the health and lives of children.

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