Melissa McCarthy's Weight Loss: Actress Shares The Secret Behind Her 75 Pound Transformation

Date April 3, 2018

Melissa McCarthy is famous for her roles in hit TV series, like Mike and Molly or Gilmore Girls. But she is even more known for being one of the Hollywood’s biggest stars.


Over the years, the actress has lost and gained weight over and over again. But when Melissa was cast in a new film, she decided to take her health seriously and dropped 75 lbs!

So, what is her secret?



First, it’s worth mentioning that the star advocates body positivity and fights stigma surrounding body image. As McCarthy believes, women are often forced to compare themselves to others instead of focusing on what is healthy for them and embracing the body type they have.



So, if you want to change and are sure that it’s beneficial for your health, that’s when you can take measures. But you should not try to look like a certain image just because of the society preferences.


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And being healthy is the way Melissa chose. Behind her dramatic weight loss is a pure and simple healthy diet. To help her shift some pounds, the actress opted for the Ketogenic Diet, which is low-carb and high-protein.


The key to McCarthy’s transformation was increasing protein intake, staying hydrated, consuming more fiber (like fresh fruit), balancing blood sugar levels, and eating health fats (like olive oil or avocado).


She shed the first 50 pounds back in 2015 and proudly discussed her achievements. This way, Melissa also shows that dropping pounds is a gradual process. And this is how she feels about herself:

It may be the best thing I've ever done. I feel amazing.

You can see her amazing transformation in a new movie Life of the Party.

Here’s the trailer

Surely, going on a diet may be beneficial, but before taking measures, it’s always better to consult doctors first to find out what may work best for you.

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