Donald Trump Confirms He Will Run For The Presidency In 2020 And Announces His Campaign Manager

Date March 1, 2018

It’s almost 1,000 days until the next presidential election, but Donald Trump has already confirmed his bid. Although he did file for re-election hours after he was inaugurated, the president has announced his campaign manager only now. His name is Brad Parscale, and this is what we know about him.

Working on 2016 campaign

Actually, this is not a new name in the household. Back in 2016, Parscale worked as a digital director and data guru. And he had a great impact on Trump’s victory.


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His responsibilities included dictating merely every campaign’s move: from travel schedules to resource allocation. One of his most important steps was the decision to move budget to "blue" states, Wisconsin and Michigan. With all the advertisements there, the states contributed to Donald’s victory.

I was, like, 'we can go in and get this,' and I changed all the budgets around. I took every nickel and dime I could out of anywhere else. And I moved it to Michigan and Wisconsin.


People's reactions

Following the end of the campaign, Parscale continued working for the POTUS. Now, many Trump’s supporters approve the choice of the president. His son, Eric Trump, and a top advisor, Jared Kushner, believe that the campaign manager will be as pivotal to success as in 2016.

As for the ordinary people’s opinions, here are some of the Twitter reactions:

We’re looking forward to more 2020 campaign details.

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