Donald Trump Hopes He Will Win 2020 Reelection, But A New Poll Shows Otherwise

Date March 23, 2018

It’s no secret that President Trump is going to run for the second term. Just a few weeks ago, he announced his campaign manager – Brad Parscale. The 42-year-old worked for Trump as a campaign digital director in 2016. And some say that the president owes his victory to him.

But this time, the majority of Americans doesn’t even want Trump to run for reelection.


Although in his slogan, the 71-year-old promises to “Keep America Great,” he’s not very popular. YouGov has recently conducted a new poll. And the results are not as promising.


As it turns out, 44% of respondents don’t want Trump to run again. And only 28% answered "yes" when asked if the former reality TV star should give it another go in 2 years.

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It’s no surprise that 87% of Democrats don’t want to give the president another chance. At the same time, the results are better among Republicans, with 65% supporting Trump’s decision.

It’s very likely that the president’s popularity will only drop as time goes on. Now, Trump has an approval rating of only 40%. And sexual misconduct allegations make the situation worse. Currently, three women press court cases against the businessman.


A former Playboy model filed a lawsuit to invalidate a hush agreement that made her keep secret about an affair with Trump back in 2006. A former Apprentice contestant accused the president of unwanted sexual contact. And porn actress Stormy Daniels started a media campaign to invalidate a confidentiality agreement so that she can discuss her relationship with Trump.

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