Donald Trump Suggests The US Military Should Foot The Bill For Border Wall With Mexico

Date March 29, 2018

Do you remember Donald Trump’s promise to build a wall along the US-Mexico border? Last year, he was setting out to fulfill it and also deport hundreds of illegal immigrants living in the country. Since then, the president hasn’t addressed this issue. Until now.

The estimates of the cost for building a huge wall vary hugely. Trump earlier said he would need $8 billion to finish it. But in reality, it will cost about $20 billion, with a maintenance cost of $700 million per year. So, who should pay for it?

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In his presidential campaign, the 71-year-old promised he would make Mexico pay for constructing the wall. But it’s no surprise, the country dismissed Trump’s call.


The president considered other options, such as getting payment through trade negotiations and increasing fees that people need to pay when crossing the border. Now, he came up with a new way of funding the construction – through the military budget!

Trump also took to his favorite platform – Twitter – where he exclaimed, "Build a WALL through M!" Two advisers actually confirmed that the "M" refers to the military who can afford to foot the bill because of the increased funding.

It’s no wonder that dozens of Internet users rushed to the platform to express their dissatisfaction.

Here are some of the tweets shared

We’re looking forward to some official details!

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