‘Double Blessing From The Lord’: Hillary Scott Opens Up About Welcoming Twins After Miscarriage

Date April 13, 2018 13:05

Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott is clearly enjoying her second-time motherhood. On January 29, the 32-year-old gave birth to not one but two bundles of joy: identical twin baby girls, Emory and Betsy.

Now, the singer can proudly boast about her new family of five, as she and her husband Chris Tyrell welcomed their first daughter Eisele in 2013. But it turns out that before becoming pregnant with the twins, Hillary suffered a miscarriage that deeply affected her. As she says:

It took me a while to fully recover after the miscarriage just because it was physically and emotionally difficult.

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Luckily, carrying twins was sometimes even easier than expecting her firstborn. When Hillary found out she was pregnant, she couldn’t believe it at first. She had always dreamt of having three children, but she didn’t expect she would get two at once.

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The couple didn’t use any medical assistance after the miscarriage, though they thought they should be. And they didn’t seek help to conceive twins, it just happened naturally:

It was just one of those things. I was like, ‘They’re meant to be here.’

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Surely, Scott was pretty nervous and worried up until week 20 of her pregnancy. In the beginning, those who are pregnant don’t make doctor appointment that often and they don’t get a lot of ultrasound diagnostics. So, the only thing left to the Lady Antebellum’s member was just to build faith.

Now, the happy mom enjoys a life with the twins where she doesn’t even have a minute when her hands are empty.

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Congratulations to the couple!

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