Double The Expenses! Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress Budget Is Revealed

Date March 8, 2018

If you live in the United Kingdom, there’s a small chance that you’re going to be invited to the royal wedding! Yes, the queen's grandson and his bride-to-be want to do things their way by inviting more than 2,600 people into the Windsor Castle grounds. And 1,200 of those invited will include people from all walks of life, regardless of age and background!


What will the attendees see?

Those lucky will have a wonderful opportunity to watch the arrival of the royal couple and the carriage procession. Thousands of people can still line the route, which is about 25 miles.

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Dashing the expense

With so many guests in attendance, it’s no wonder Meghan wants to look stunning on her dream day. As Daily Mail reports, Harry and his beloved doubled the expenses with a $550,000 designer dress for the bride. Sure, it’s an eye-watering sum, but we didn’t expect anything else from the royal nuptials.


The former actress also spent more than $140,000 on a honeymoon, but this is her gift to her beau.


What about William and Kate?

The ceremony of Harry’s brother and sister-in-law was, without a doubt, the wedding of the 21st century. Reportedly, they spent almost $34 million on it (almost the entire sum went to security).


Duchess Catherine looked fantastic in her $434,000 gown. And now, we’re looking forward to see what dress Meghan has chosen!

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