Emma Watson Donated More Than $1 Million To Help Stop Harassment At Workplaces

Date February 19, 2018

She is best known for her brilliant performance in the Harry Potter series. But Emma Watson has always known that acting would not be the thing she would dedicate her life to. Soon after the end of the franchise, the actress joined the fight for gender equality, and she has been an active advocate ever since.

Fighting for women rights

The star aims to raise awareness of more men and women because gender equality will benefit both. Specifically, she addresses the issue of the gender pay gap as even in Hollywood, male actors earn more than their female counterparts.

Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive. Both men and women should feel free to be strong.

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Of course, she wasn’t only praised for her brave speeches but also severely criticized. However, Watson only drew inspiration from threats and attacks. And she is now ready to tackle another problem.

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Dealing with sexual harassment

Since the scandal involving Harvey Weinstein, many celebs have joined the fight. Emma is not an exception. In fact, she was among the first to speak out. And recently, the actress has donated £1million to a fund whose aim is to help victims of sexual abuse.

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Prior to donating this substantial sum of money, the activist published a letter that demands the eradication of sexual misconduct to make sure that everyone feels save at work. This is a good cause, so it’s no surprise more than 200 female stars backed Watson.



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Rocking black

You could see many of the activists at BAFTAs on February 18. All were wearing black in solidarity with the Time's Up movement (launched after an avalanche of allegations against the infamous film producer). Actually, this is not the first time actresses opt for black as they did so at the Golden Globes.

Among the stars sporting black, we spotted Keira Knightley, Emma Thompson, Jennifer Lawrence, and many others. Emma Watson was there as well.

We hope these ladies will bring change to the industry.

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Emma Watson