Fired At 43 For Being Old And Rehired At 63: Isabella Rossellini's Revolutionary Lancome Career

Date February 27, 2018

Isabella Rossellini, a famous Italian actress, was one of Lancôme's longtime leading models. But at the age of 43, the cosmetic brand made a shocking decision to fire her because they needed someone younger. As she says:

The advertising was aspirational, and even though they have clients of many ages, the desire was for youth.

Needless to say, the daughter of Ingrid Bergman was extremely upset. The enforced retirement nearly brought an end to her career. Other modelling companies and brands didn’t want to work with Isabella because they believed she was too old.


But now, she is going to reclaim her spot and prove that beauty is, in fact, ageless.

After all this time, imagine Rossellini’s surprise when she received a call from Lancôme's general manager in 2015. The offer to get back to work was so intriguing she could not resist. As it turns out, the brand realized it had made a huge mistake by firing her. And the manager’s speech was so encouraging, Isabella could not wait to work with them again.

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Two years on, she is a successful model again. But what’s so special about her? We’ve seen ads of other over-50 celebs, including Helen Mirren and Jane Fonda. But Rossellini’s beauty is special. She’s natural, her face has a glow to it, and she has no interest in looking younger!

What is her secret?

The model never did plastic surgery because she’s just afraid of it. She has an organic farm and eats organic food to preserve her health. And most importantly, Isabella uses good creams to take care of her skin.

As for Rossellini’s beauty routine, she only uses a cream, perfume, and lipstick. And we should admit that matte lipsticks can look wonderful on women over 60 years old!

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