"He Would Call All The Time": Stormy Daniels' Friend Shares Details Of Her Calls With Trump

Date March 14, 2018

Speculations and rumors regarding the affair between Stormy Daniels and President Donald Trump are heating up. Now, the adult movie star sues the 71-year-old over a $130,000 hush agreement signed in 2016 to make her keep silent. As it turns out, while Daniels and Trump’s attorney signed it, the president didn’t do that, which might make the offer void.


Stormy is even ready to return the fee. What she really wants is to have freedom to speak and tell American people the truth about the affair she and Trump allegedly had in 2006-2007.

In his turn, the president doesn’t fight the porn star’s decision, and it may be a smart move. By openly trying to handle the situation, he would look guilty. And while Stormy doesn’t share any more details either, there are some people, included in the hush agreement, that do.

Daniel’s friend has his opinion on the issue

Keith Munyan is Stormy’s friend who is mentioned in the non-disclosure agreement. And he is ready to confirm the romantic tryst. In an interview with The Daily Beast, Munyan revealed that he overheard numerous phone calls between his friend and the future president. As he says:

He would call all the time. That man can talk about nothing for hours.


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Over the phone, Trump offered Stormy to move to his New York condo. When she refused, he also suggested her moving to Tampa, Florida. What is more, the future president promised the porn star a spot on his program, The Apprentice.


Will there be any more details?

Stormy has granted an interview to 60 Minutes, and the segment will hopefully air soon. Lawyers of the president are reportedly making attempts to prevent its release.

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