Hugh Jackman Reveals The Secret Of His Blissful 21-Year Marriage To Deborra-Lee Furness

Date March 16, 2018

Hugh Jackman is one of Australia's most successful Hollywood actors. However, he openly says that without his beloved wife and children, he wouldn’t have achieved what he has in life now. The star has always been vocal about his near and dear and praised them for allowing him to pursue career.

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Hugh married Deborra-Lee Furness back in 1996. In 2018, they are still happily married, defying the Hollywood odds. So, what is the secret to their long-lasting relationship?


Jackman says that you just need to find the right person with whom you can be yourself. When going on a date, people tend to put on the best version of themselves to impress a partner. And until they feel comfortable, they cannot truly be themselves.

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In case of Deborra-Lee, Hugh had the feeling that they’re right together from day one. As he says:

I could just be myself. I am not saying we don't ever dress up or impress each other, but being comfortable is a key.

What is more, to keep relationship strong, the couple have a few agreements to follow. First, they never spend more than two weeks apart. Second, they don’t work at the same time if there’s no financial need in it. And finally, they like traveling and exploring world together.


After 21 years, Jackman is still madly in love with Furness. And with each year, their bond becomes only stronger and stronger.

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