Incredible Moment! 16-Year-Old Girl Is The Hospital's First To Walk While On Life Support

Date March 23, 2018 12:53

Just a year ago, Zei Uwadia was a student who often got lost in good books and dreamed about pursuing career in dermatology. But suddenly, the 16-year-old started having difficulty breathing. And with each day, the situation only got worse and worse.

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The girl’s body weakened, and then, her lungs started to fail. The worst part of it was that doctors had no clue what the problem was. At the end of 2017, Uwadia was placed on life support. But 4 months later, Zei proved that she’s not ready to give up on her life.

Surprisingly, despite being on ECMO (which keeps the girl alive and helps her breathe), Zei has managed to walk, serving as inspiration to many such patients! The student is determined to regain health. She started by just sitting up, then standing, and finally pacing the halls of the hospital.

Besides, being on life support doesn’t stop Uwadia from eating tacos, lifting weights, and even having a manicure!

The ECMO machine circulates the girl’s blood through an artificial lung, allowing her lungs to rest and heal. Now, Zei’s left lung has already begun healing, and her right lung is likely to fully expand soon. X-rays also show an improved lung function. And Uwadia’s doctors believe that walking and exercising only contribute to good results.

The girl is eager to return home and graduate. We wish Zei a speedy recovery!

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