Johan Van Hulst, The Teacher Who Saved 600 Jewish Children During The Holocaust, Dies At 107

Date April 4, 2018 13:25

During the Holocaust, Johan van Hulst helped save 600 children from being sent to the concentration camps. For his good deeds, the Dutch teacher was named one of the Righteous among the Nations. He has lived a long life. But sadly, on March 22, van Hulst passed away.

Johan van Hulst’s story

The teacher was part of a scheme to save hundreds of children, ranging from infants to 12-year-old. His college was one side of the rescue triangle.

Walter Süskind, who managed the deportation center, made sure children’s names disappeared from lists and convinced their parents to allow smuggling out the kids. They were then taken to the nursery next to van Hulst’s college.

Actually, the plan was very simple. Children were handed over a hedge between the college and the nursery. Afterwards, van Hulst hid them in classrooms and smuggled them out with the help of students and coworkers.

Surely, to avoid suspicion, the principal could not save all of the kids in the nursery. And despite saving as many as 600 children, the thought of rescuing more has haunted him throughout life.

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When the nursery was about to shut down, there were still up to 100 kids inside. But he could only take a dozen of them.

You realize that you cannot possibly take all the children with you. I took 12 with me. Later on, I asked myself, ‘Why not 13?

Van Hulst did an extraordinary thing. And judging by all the condolences sent on social media platforms to pay tribute to him, he will forever be missed.

Here are some of the tweets shared

Rest in peace, Johan van Hulst!

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