Jordan Peele Makes History: He Is The First African-American Original Screenplay Winner At The Oscars

Date March 7, 2018

When, in 2016, Jordan Peele started shooting "Get Out," he was not even sure the idea was good enough to make it to the screen. But little did he know! The movie not only became a great hit but also received the Academy Award for the Best Original Screenplay!


The script idea came in 2008. After having worked on it for almost five years, Peele still had no intention of turning it into a movie. So, imagine his surprise when a producer Sean McKittrick bought the story idea nearly at the first mention of it!

The movie was completed in 23 days and grossed more than $250 million! In fact, it became the most profitable film of the year!

But this is not it!

The film, which tackles racism and centers on a black man who deals with supernatural horror, made its director the first African-American to win the award! It also received nominations for Best Actor, Best Director, and Best Picture. It’s a great achievement for someone who has just made a directorial debut!

To congratulate the comedian and actor on the occasion, many other celebs (including Chrissy Teigen and Zenday) took to Twitter to show how proud they are of him. And their excitement only proves that he has made history!

We, too, congratulate Jordan Peele on the Oscar win!

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