Kelly Ripa Slams Haters On Social Media Who Mock Her Husband's Appearance, And Her Response Is Hilarious

Date March 16, 2018

If you dare to troll a media personality Kelly Ripa, you should expect her to call you out. On her Instagram, the Live With Kelly and Ryan co-host has proven on multiple occasions that she’s not afraid to reply to rude and unpleasant comments left by her followers.


For example, earlier this month, one of Instagram users wrote, "Her head looks to big for her tiny body." You’ve spotted that grammatical mistake too, right? Kelly was quick to point it out, correcting the spelling, "To is spelled too FYI." And this isn’t the first time the star claps back. In fact, trolling the trolls is one of her favorite things to do!

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When it comes to Ripa’s husband, Mark Consuelos, she’s overly protective of him on the platform. The two are not shy of expressing their love for each other; yet, there are still some people who criticize the couple.


When Ripa shared a sweet throwback picture of herself and her beau, another user made fun of Consuelos’ height (he’s 5'8" and the talk show co-host is 5'3"):

Too bad he's short when he tries to look taller. It looks funny. Just be who you are.

Both spouses responded. And Kelly’s response was simple yet epic!

He's tall where it counts, babe.

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It seems that the pair doesn’t need any pieces of advice, help, or suggestions from others. After all, shaming other people for their body is not appropriate.


So, when you want to troll Ripa, beware, she will have a clapback on you, too!

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