Kourtney Kardashian Reveals She Weighs 98 Lbs, And It's Just 36 More Than Her 8-Year-Old Son

Date February 21, 2018

Kourtney Kardashian always looks super toned, and she knows how to keep her body in shape. The petite mom-of-three avoids many products and makes no secret of her exercise routine.

On diet and detoxing

The reality TV show star doesn’t consume gluten, sugar, dairy, red meat, and many other foods. So, it’s no surprise she’s also a fan of detoxing. Actually, she does this following her doctor’s advice. And Kourtney always urges other people to consult a professional before opting for any restrictive eating plans.

Her diet is pretty simple: 3 low-carb meals a day, minimal amounts of fruit, and no snacks. Once a week, Kardashian spends a day drinking just water or bone broth.

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On her weight

She’s no stranger to hard workouts too. So, it’s no wonder she is so slim! In one of the scenes from Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Khloe, Kourtney’s sister, revealed that the eldest of the KarJenner siblings weighs 98 lbs. And when you think about the fact that her 8-year-old son Mason is 62, it may seem concerning.

But the star asks everyone to relax. Back in 2014, her admirers were surprised to get to know that she weighed 116 lbs. after giving birth. However, they should not forget that the 38-year-old is only 5 feet tall.

Healthy ways to lose weight

Kourtney prefers sticking to a strict organic diet and exercising because it brings positive change in behavior with her children (who also eat gluten-free foods). But she doesn’t think everyone needs to follow her way.

Instead, one can move more, lift weights (or do some easier cardio workouts), take proper naps, and eat healthy.

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