Laughs Over Drinks: The Special Bond Between Ronald Reagan And Queen Elizabeth

Date March 1, 2018

Although the Reagans left the White House back in 1989, it didn’t put an end to their friendship with the British monarch. Ronald and Elizabeth were known for their often visits and laughs over drinks. And now, the former White House aide, Mark Weinberg, reveals some more details about the friendship of the two.


Enjoying the queen’s presence

She has a royal status, but Elizabeth has always been unpretentious and sensible. And this is exactly what the former president liked about her.

In the book Movie Nights With the Reagans (released on February 27), Weinberg also reveals that Ronald admired Elizabeth’s horse-riding skills. In fact, horseback riding with the queen was one of the president’s favorite memories.

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Knowing how to make the queen smile

The Reagans were also on good terms with the monarch’s husband, Prince Philip. Although he was temperamental, grumpy, and sometimes impatient, the presidential couple hosted the royals regularly. And while people in attendance were usually shocked by salty language of the queen’s husband, they all seemed to have fun together.

The Queen was laughing a lot. A Secret Service man said it was the first time he had seen her smile.

Reagan Library / YouTube

What about royal children?

Nancy Reagan was a close friend of Prince Charles. For 20 years, they have been pen pals, exchanging letters with each other. And this correspondence was full of details! In one of the letters, the queen’s son even shared details of his disastrous marriage to then-wife Princess Diana.

One day I will tell you the whole story. It is a kind of Greek tragedy and would certainly make a very good play!



We wonder whether he has ever told the whole story.

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