Legendary Kathy Bates Performs Bruno Mars' Song On Lip Sync Battle, And People Love It!

Date February 20, 2018 17:12

Despite having had some rough time recently, Kathy Bates didn’t lose her great sense of humor. In case you didn’t know, a famous American actress went through the battle with cancer and not only once but twice!

Overcoming cancer

In 2013, the American Horror Story star fought for her life when being diagnosed with ovarian cancer. As if it was not enough, she survived stage II breast cancer in 2012. Now, Kathy is doing well, and she’s always beaming with a warm smile on her face. And the actress doesn’t miss an opportunity to have a good laugh!

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Getting pampered to Bruno Mars

This time, the Oscar-winning actress (not to mention her Emmy and Golden Globe awards), rocked the Lip Sync Battle stage, “performing” one of Bruno Mars’ amazing songs. And people absolutely loved it!

She faced off against another comedian, Tone Bell. But judging by her performance, Kathy should definitely win. Just watch how she grooves through the song in leopard print!

Surrounded by awesome back-up dancers, the actress won the attention of Chrissy Teigen. She said:

I finally have an answer when somebody asks me, which is always, ‘What’s your favorite LSB moment ever?'

Working hard

Not only does she entertain us in competition series, but Bates also works on a crime drama film. The star has just joined the cast of Highwaymen (where Kevin Costner and Woody Harrelson are starring).

We’re looking forward to enjoy her performance and acting skills!

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Kathy Bates