Linda Brown, A Woman Who Helped End School Segregation In The United States, Has Died At 76

Date March 28, 2018

Many know her as a little schoolgirl famous for the landmark Brown v. Board of Education case that finally ended segregation in schools in the United States. Being just 9 years old, Linda Brown forever changed the nation by showing that "separate" does not mean "equal." Sadly, she died on March 25 at the age of 75.

Linda Brown's story

Although, back in the 1950s, Brown lived in a partially integrated neighborhood with integrated high and junior high schools, elementary schools were still separate. To reach the bus that would take her to the all-black school, the girl needed to walk through a busy venue and railroad yards.

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Of course, Linda’s father wanted his daughter to be safe and get quality education, so he decided to try to enroll her in all-white Sumner Elementary School. It’s no surprise that it blocked the enrollment. But it didn’t stop Brown from suing the board and winning the case. In 1954, the court ruled that separate schools were unequal, thus ending segregation.

Linda’s case reminds everyone that even the most unlikely people can have an impact and bring positive change. And judging by all the condolences sent and all the warm words shared on social media platforms to pay tribute to Brown, she will forever be missed.

Here are some of the tweets shared

Rest in peace, Linda Brown!

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