Madonna Shares Most Important Beauty Tips Given To Her Children, And You Can Use Them Too

Date April 10, 2018 09:21

She’s not only the queen of pop, she’s also a mother to 6 children. In case you didn’t know, Madonna has 4 kids adopted from Malawi – David, Mercy, Esther, and Stella – and two biological children – Lourdes and Rocco. And the iconic singer is always glad to give her youngsters some pieces of advice, especially when it comes to beauty and skin care.

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So, what are the beauty tips Madonna’s kids are likely to follow?

First, the Like a Virgin singer suggests her children not to squeeze pimples to avoid scars on their faces. The second important point is to keep one’s skin hydrated. Otherwise, it may lead to acne.

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Surprisingly, it’s Madonna’s eldest son who thoroughly follows his mom’s beauty routine. Rocco constantly asks the singer for another serum and face wash. And Madonna genuinely thinks it’s hilarious:

I feel like I'm getting nods of approval from people from all walks of life, and it's not just female either. It's male as well—that means a lot to me.

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Of course, Madonna also gives her kids other pieces of advice to follow on the regular basis. And those who cannot afford fancy skin care and luxury beauty products can use these tricks as well.

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In particular, the singer suggests people to avoid the sun and the beach as well as not to smoke and drink. It seems too obvious, but paying attention to these things can actually help, especially when you are young.

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What about the singer’s nighttime routine?

It’s quite simple. She washes her face and uses a mist spray and serum. If she is feeling dry, then she uses one of the creams that her beauty brand produces.

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With her MDNA beauty products, Madonna hopes to connect with other people on a human level and help them improve their skin.

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