Marlene Dietrich's Grandson Opens Up About Her Private Life, Affairs, And Last Years

Date March 30, 2018

Peter Riva is no stranger to Hollywood. His mom was an actress, and his dad was a set designer. But most importantly, his grandma was iconic Marlene Dietrich. And Riva has much to say about her private life, affairs, and family.

On caring about other people

Although the German beauty was a sought-after cabaret performer and a fashion trendsetter, she believed that entertaining the troops during the World War II was her best performance. She went on a tour to the front lines and helped many talents (especially Jewish!) to get out and move to other countries.


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On affairs and lovers

We all know Marlene Dietrich’s list of lovers was legendary. And her grandson Riva didn’t only hear about them, he even met them! For him, there was nothing unusual in seeing his grandmother with another man because it was not all about sex. As he says:

For her it was more about romance, taking care of their needs.

On rumors about a reclusive life

Marlene was believed to be a reclusive in her later years. But it is not true! Peter’s grandma was always on the phone and had at least 20 letters a day. However, she only allowed her close friends and family members to visit her. What is more, she didn’t allow taking pictures of her because she wanted the world to remember her young and beautiful.



Dietrich passed away at 90 in 1992. And her final moments were far from tragic. It was her favorite month, May. Her face was on the poster of the Cannes Film Festivals. And her favorite flowers, geraniums, were in blossom.

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