Meghan Markle Has Pre-Wedding Jitters, And Camilla Parker Bowles Comes To Her Rescue

Date March 12, 2018

Getting welcomed into a royal family may look like a dream, but the prospect of the new life can be quite overwhelming. And Meghan Markle knows it better than anybody. Although the former actress looks confident when making public appearances with her husband-to-be, she suffers from pre-wedding panic attacks.


And Duchess Camilla is there to help her!

To reassure the future member of the royal family, Prince Charles’ wife invited Meghan to Clarence House to have an open and warm chat about her wedding. As everyone knows, Camilla also married into the royals as a divorcee, so she surely has some pieces of advice to alleviate Markle’s worries. After all, there’s no manual on how to behave, and a good talk may be the best the actress can have.

Meghan may appear confident when on Royal walkabouts, but she does have some pre-wedding butterflies – not about Harry, but about her new life.


The Suits star also revealed she feels constrained by the life in Kensington Palace. As it turns out, the 36-year-old cannot go shopping or attend a gym. Instead, she has to stay within the palace’s grounds. Of course, she’s lucky to have Kate and William, but Duchess Catherine is often busy with her two kids.


Maintaining calm

Since Meghan cannot go to the gym, she practices yoga at the palace. And by meditating twice a day (once in the morning and once in the evening), the royal bride is dealing with the pressures of her forthcoming wedding.


We hope these ways help Meghan stay calm ahead of wedding!

Meghan Markle