Miracle Baby Girl That Was Born With Her Heart Outside The Chest Is Almost 3 And Feels Well

Date February 19, 2018

During a 20-week checkup in November 2014, the lives of Brian and Caitlin Veitz have changed. Instead of a routine visit, they found out that their unborn baby had a rare condition that is 90% lethal! But their little daughter Kieran proved she’s brave and strong. The kid is almost three now, and she’s doing great!

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What is ectopia cordis?

Ectopia cordis means that the heart is located outside the chest. In Veitz’s case, little Kieran had her liver outside of her body too. Luckily, treatments advance with each year, so doctors knew what to do to prolong the life of the baby.

Kieran’s story

After ruling out genetic abnormalities, it was decided that a surgery was needed. Although no one had a lot of experience with this condition, there was still hope. As doctors said:

We didn't have specific experience with this diagnosis, but had a fair amount of experience with conjoined twins.

Finally, a caesarean section was scheduled. Over 60 nurses and doctors from various teams came to help welcome Kieran into this world and place her heart back inside her body. The surgery lasted 5 hours, and the baby had to spend 3 months in a pediatric ICU.

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How is she doing today?

Kieran is thriving! She still needs her medications to pull fluid from her lungs and hearts, but she’s walking now! The family is happy with the progress. Caitlin and Brian reveal that they were finally able to spend some time outside of clinics and hospitals by taking a trip to Grand Canyon.

What a miracle! But Kieran is not the only child who survived such a surgery. There are other kids all over the world, including Vanellope Hope Hopkins (the UK) and Audrina Cardenas (the USA), who prove life is possible even when you have the usually fatal condition.

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