New Faces On British Banknotes? The Public Prefers Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Over Prince Charles

Date March 28, 2018

Since 1960, Elizabeth II has been the face of banknotes in the United Kingdom. There have been different editions, five different portraits, and four different designers who worked on them. After all these years, the public got used to seeing the Queen on the front of the notes. But it may change in the near future.



As soon as Prince Charles ascends to the throne, there will be a need for new coins and notes. Actually, some think that the Queen’s son has already sat for portraits that will be later used on stamps, postboxes, and, of course, new currency.


However, not all Brits want Prince of Wales to be the new face on British money. Instead, his ginger-haired son is a more popular choice.

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Recently, the website Coininvest has conducted a research, trying to find out who people want pictured on the new currency. And surprisingly, Harry got the votes of 21% of participants. At the same time, his American beauty, Meghan Markle, was supported by 18%.


Still, the most popular choices were not royal family members: Roald Dahl and Sir Alec Guinness. And judging by the notes in circulation right now, there’s a possibility of such additions because the notes do not always feature only the royals.


In 2016, the new additions included Jane Austen, JMW Turner, and Sir Winston Churchill.

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