Olympian David Wise Wins Halfpipe Gold And Celebrates Victory With His Kids On The Podium

Date February 23, 2018

For all those who thought that the adversity in David Wise’s life would prevent him from doing his best and winning the Olympics, you were terribly wrong. Despite concussions, injuries, his wife’s postpartum depression, and his sister’s tragic accident where she lost her leg, the 27-year-old managed to get a grip and win half-pipe gold medal!


On being a family man

But his winning is much more than just a medal. Being a family man, the Olympian brought his two children and wife to the Games. Of course, he could not let his near and dear down. And he did not!

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Malachi, David’s 3-year-old son, proudly joined his father on the podium to celebrate his victory. Just look how adorably he climbs up to accompany the athlete!



The entire family then shared a heartwarming moment, jumping up and down. Christy, Wise’s sister, was so overcome with excitement that she even forgot she had a prosthetic leg! Wife Alexandra and daughter Nayeli also followed David through a succession of interviews and cheerfully posed on the podium.

Gushing about children

The athlete adores his children and cannot help talking about them. As he reveals, his kids are pretty crazy as they like to break things, jump, and do flips, especially his son:

He’ll take something real nice and pretty and he’s like, ‘Oh, wow, look at this, Daddy, this is so pretty’ and throw it on the ground.

And since both Malachi and Nayeli are fearless when it comes to skiing, they may become Olympics champions in the future, just like their dad!

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