Oprah Winfrey Explains Why She Kept Her #MeToo Story Of Molestation In Secret For Many Years

Date March 5, 2018

The #MeToo movement is getting bigger and bigger, with women speaking out across the country and internationally. Sexual harassment and abuse can be found in factories, restaurants, politics, and Hollywood. And time has come to put an end to it. For this to happen, many celebrities share their personal experiences, and Oprah Winfrey is not an exception.


Keeping her story secret

Although the media mogul is often honest about her life, she didn’t feel brave enough to talk about one moment. As it turns out, A Wrinkle in Time star was molested as a child by her uncle, cousin, and a family friend. Even when others talked about similar experience, Oprah still was afraid to speak up.

It happened to me at 9, and then 10, and then 11, and then 12, 13, 14. You don’t have the language to begin to explain what’s happening to you.


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What made her say it out loud years later? Inspired by a young girl who shared her story publicly, she realized that by opening up about years of sexual abuse, she can show other victims that they are not alone. And with joint efforts, a real change is possible.


Running for presidency

Her powerful speech during the Golden Globes and advocacy of equality made some people assume she would be a great president. But Winfrey doesn’t intend to run for office. There’s only one condition that can change her mind – if she receives a sign from God.

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Otherwise, she will be just watching the 2020 run.

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