Oscar-Winner Reese Witherspoon Celebrates Her 42nd Birthday!

Date March 22, 2018

Reese Witherspoon is, indeed, one of the most powerful women in Hollywood. Throughout her career, the actress has won an Academy Award, earned a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and starred in numerous hit movies and TV shows. Reese is also a successful businesswoman who launched a clothing line.

And today, on March 22, she turns 42!

When you look at the actress, you won’t believe she’s in her forties. In fact, Witherspoon doesn’t look a day over 30. And placing the pic of Reese near to the photo of her daughter Ava, there’s a possibility you would not tell them apart at the first glance.

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We don’t know how the star is going to celebrate her day. Probably, she will do that with her children and husband, as Reese has proved on multiple occasions that she’s a family woman. Of course, the Internet users took to various platforms to shower the actress with congratulations.

Here are some of the posts shared today


Reese’s store, Draper James, will also celebrate her big day but without the actress. Shoppers will enjoy sales, champagne, and sweet treats. In addition, the store will also release a special dress to mark the occasion.

We, too, congratulate Reese Witherspoon and wish her all the best!

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Reese Witherspoon