Parents Of 12-Year-Old Transgender Boy Talk About The Importance Of Accepting Such Kids

Date February 21, 2018 17:18

Undoubtedly, one of the most difficult tasks that parents have is to help their kids become successful and responsible adults. To achieve this goal, many people set boundaries, but sometimes, it’s impossible to always stay within them. If a child is insistent about their transgender identity, the best thing parents can do is to support them.

Accepting the child's needs

Family rejection can lead to mental health issues, depression, or even suicide. On the other hand, family support can help avoid biases and bullying. And Sarah and Micah Heumann, parents of 12-year-old Daniel, know what they’re talking about.

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When most of his classmates couldn’t decide what film to watch, Daniel knew who he was. Being only 7 years old, he told his parents he identified himself as male. Luckily, Sarah and Micah were understanding:

As early as 3 years old, he was choosing masculine boy clothes. He would tell us he felt like a boy.

The boy was so determined and met with the principal himself. And with the help of his teacher, Daniel explained to his classmates what was going on and how to refer to him from now on. Fortunately, the reactions of kids and parents were mostly positive.

What is he doing now? Daniel is 12, and he adores animals and photography. He also takes part in a campaign, the GenderCool Project, that aims at spotlighting different stories of other transgender children.

Surely, Daniel is not the only one

Chazzie Grosshandler, an 11-year-old transgender girl, knows the importance of being accepted. And her brothers help her by speaking about the significance of embracing people of all gender.

Finally, for those who think that being transgender means being gay or lesbian, these are two different things. And one will not become transgender when communicating to such people.

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