Planning Another Baby: Will Kate Middleton Follow In The Queen's Footsteps And Have 4 Kids?

Date March 28, 2018

With each day, speculation is mounting over when Prince William and Kate Middleton will welcome their third baby and how they are going to name it. What we do know is that the 36-year-old is due in April, and she will give birth at St. Mary’s Hospital. As for names, people think the couple will choose Mary if it’s a girl or Arthur if it’s a boy.

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But there have also been rumors that the royals are already planning a fourth child!


Locals from Bucklebury, which is a hometown of Duchess Catherine, can boast about their close relationship with her family. And they believe Kate will follow the Queen’s example and have four kids. Besides, her parents, Carole and Michelle, would like having another grandchild. As locals say:

Carole’s a very close grandmother, so she and Michael will be beaming from ear to ear.


Kate’s husband is only second in line to the throne, so the duchess probably has a large brood in mind. But as open as the couple is with many issues, they surely will not discuss future plans now.


Of course, not everyone is of the same opinion. In case you didn’t know, the 36-year-old goes through hyperemesis gravidarum every pregnancy. So, not to suffer from severe vomiting, three children might be just enough.


Recently, the source close to the royals has revealed that the duke and the duchess want another daughter like Princess Charlotte, who is very gentle and sweet. The Queen’s grandson seems to love the idea to be outnumbered by women in the family.


But, in case of welcoming another boy, maybe, they will think about evening the score.

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