Prince Charles Tried To Stop Court Case Of Diana's Butler To Avoid Humiliating Royals

Date March 19, 2018

Back in 2001, the police raided the house of Princess Diana’s butler, Mr. Burrell. As result, they found numerous items belonging to Prince Charles’ ex-wife and their children, including CDs, photo albums, letters, and clothes.

A year later, the butler faced charges of theft. And now, the new facts have revealed that the queen’s son tried to stop a court case because he was afraid it could have humiliated his family.


The news of the arrest reached the prince in about a week. First, he was not worried because all staff members usually steal some things. However, he soon became more alarmed.

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After all, who knows what secrets could have been unveiled? The butler had witnessed Charles’ meetings with Camilla, Diana’s sex life, and other scandals. So, the prince feared it might have undermined the reputation of the royals.


Burrell suggested returning the items in an exchange of dropping the case, and Charles wanted to agree on these terms. But his legal advisors thought there was just too much evidence not to prosecute. In addition, Diana’s sister, Lady Sarah McCorquodale, stood to inherit her belongings and insisted on prosecution.


What happened next?

However, 11 days into the trial, the case was dropped because the queen had a sudden recollection. Elizabeth II recalled that, soon after Diana’s tragic death, the butler told her about preserving princess’ items and papers. This was the end of the trial.


Since then, there have been many rumors and speculations surrounding the case. Many believe that this sudden recollection was just a great opportunity to avoid embarrassment. The queen said she was not aware of the case earlier, which seems highly unlikely because newspaper and other media widely reported on the issue.


As the trial was over, Prince Charles and other royals probably breathed sighs of relief.

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