Queen Elizabeth II Looked Totally Ready For Spring As She Rocked A Matching Orange Ensemble

Date March 21, 2018

With her new outfit that has definitely turned heads, the Queen Elizabeth II proves she’s ready for spring. The royal rocked a bold shade of orange as she visited London’s Royal Academy of Arts.

Usually, the monarch is seen wearing delicate pastel shades. But this time, it seems that the Queen wanted to brighten up a gloomy day with her matching ensemble: a vibrant coat and a hat embellished with white and orange blooms. The colorful and bright outfit is surely uplifting.



What was the occasion?

Elizabeth II’s visit marks a redevelopment of the site. The Royal Academy of Arts will celebrate its 250th anniversary in two months. But it’s unlikely the Queen will visit it on May 19 because the event coincides with the royal nuptials of her grandson, Prince Harry, and his bride-to-be, Meghan Markle.

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Does she often wear bright colors?

Without a doubt, her majesty has always been very stylish. She often sports bold colors, and there’s a reason she chose rainbow shades for some royal engagements. It’s pretty simple. Fuchsia, royal blue, lemon, and orange colors make it easier to spot the monarch through the crowds.


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If Elizabeth II wore muted colors, then people would stand less of a chance to see her.

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