Saved By A Miracle: Airline Ticket Agent Rescues Two Teenage Girls From Human Trafficking

Date February 22, 2018 13:42

Have you ever thought about how alarming the problem of human trafficking is? Based on 2017 reports, there are almost 25 million people trapped in modern-day slavery. And the Americas account for 5% of such cases.

Despite the broad belief that victims are usually transported to different countries, human trafficking often happens on a domestic level. And Denice Miracle, an airline ticket agent, has just prevented two teenage girls from being lured into a dangerous scheme.

Her name certainly suits her

When two girls, aged 17 and 15, came to her ticket counter at California's Sacramento International Airport, Miracle quickly understood something was wrong. First, the girls had no identification, luggage, or guardians. Second, first-class tickets were purchased under someone else’s name. Denice says:

They kept looking at each other in a way that seemed fearful and anxious.

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So, the ticket agent called the authorities who found out that a man named Drey invited the girls over the weekend to star in a music video. After making a contact with him, deputies were surprised to see that the man deleted all of his accounts. As there were no return flight tickets, it’s likely that Miracle saved the girls’ lives.

What to do if you encounter human trafficking?

Surely, Denice was trained, but everyone can change human trafficking victims’ lives for the better. These people can be everywhere – working at hotels, agricultural fields, restaurants, and other places. Indeed, it may not be obvious that they encounter such treatment. But if you are sure they do, you should take action.

Call 911 or National Human Trafficking Hotline. The latter will also refer you to shelter and healthcare organizations if you find someone who escaped their trafficking situation.

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