'Sex And The City' Star Cynthia Nixon Is Considering Running For New York Governor

Date March 12, 2018

Many know that Cynthia Nixon is no stranger to politics. In fact, she has long been critical of Cuomo, the New York governor. The Sex and the City star advocates an increase in public school funding, gay rights, and much more. And now, it seems that the 51-year-old is going to run for governor!


Challenging Andrew Cuomo

The actress has already started consulting with experts, hoping that they will help her prepare for the election campaign. The staff includes operatives who have previously worked for her friend, NYC Mayor de Blasio.


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Apart from public schools and gay rights, the actress is mostly likely to focus on raising breast cancer awareness. In case you didn’t know, Nixon is a cancer survivor as she battled the condition herself. Moreover, Cynthia advocates access to abortion, believing that such a desire should be legal and safe.

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In 2013, the star was actively engaged in Mayor de Blasio’s campaign. And she greatly succeeded in it, by attracting many big-name celebs, such as Alec Baldwin and Sarah Jessica Parker.


What is Cuomo’s reaction?

The governor says he doesn’t worry about the possibility of Nixon’s primary. He even made a joke, linking Cynthia to Russian interference in the U.S. elections. Although it was just a joke, it caused a stir of negative reactions.

According to experts, Nixon has a good chance of winning: after all, thanks to Sex and the City, she enjoys great popularity among New Yorkers.

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