Stella Parton Opens Up About Living In The Shadow Of Sister Dolly And Talks About Their Relationship

Date April 9, 2018 09:56

You probably know who Dolly Parton is – a famous country singer. But did you know that she has many siblings who are also successful in the entertainment industry?

Out of 12 siblings, one died shortly after his birth. But the rest are still around today, and many perform with their sister, including Stella Parton.

When your sister is a megastar, it might be difficult to step out of her shadow. But with numerous albums and tours, successful career, and a top-10 hit, Stella proves that nothing is impossible.

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Dolly and Stella’s relationship has been documented for many years. Of course, there have been rumors and speculations concerning feud and rivalry between the two. But Dolly’s younger sister assures it is not true.

Even though the sisters have disagreements and arguments, they support and stand up for each other. As Stella says:

When someone makes a derogatory comment about my sister, my first response is to get mad and sock ’em on the nose.

Although Stella shares the same last name, she does not enjoy the same stardom as her sister does. And this is perfectly fine for her. As younger Parton opens up, she has never intended to stand in Dolly’s spotlight.

At her concerts, Stella never used to perform Dolly’s songs. But when the country star turned 70, her younger sister changed her mind by recording an album of Dolly’s best numbers and titled it Mountain Songbird: A Sister’s Tribute.

Surely, older Parton liked the tribute and even asked the sister to team up and record a song together for the first time – More Power To Ya.

It looks like Stella loves her sister very much!

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