What Did Obama Say During The Top Secret MIT Conference? Leaked Information Is Revealed

Date February 27, 2018

Being a politician, Barack Obama is used to give speeches all the time. But not all of them are as secret as his MIT session at Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. In fact, hundreds of people in attendance were prohibited to tweet, live-stream, or report any part of the former president’s appearance.

Although it was off the record, we live in 2018 where internet-connected smartphones make it possible to leak information. And attendees did that! Actually, there was nothing newsworthy in the speech, but for the fact that it was super confidential.

Here are 5 main points that Obama made

1. The former POTUS touched upon the topic of social media platforms, believing that they are both "a public good as well as a commercial enterprise." They are just tools, but Americans are still lucky to have an opportunity to get to know different sides of the story, unlike citizens of less democratic countries.


2. Obama also talked about the climate change and the need to address the problem now.

3. A big basketball fan, the 56-year-old discussed the ways to improve NBA.

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4. He also boasted of scandal-free White House and revealed that diversity approach helped him avoid scandals.

5. Obama dispelled the myth that government employees are lazy. They work so hard, they barely get any vacations!


And ... that’s it?

Yes, it seems so. Nothing shocking or scandalous. Attendees did not understand what the secrecy was all about, so they didn’t miss a chance to share some pics as well.

We’re looking forward to some more interesting details.

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