Will The Duchess Of Cambridge Become Queen When Prince William Is Crowned King?

Date March 14, 2018 11:09

For months, there have been soaring rumors as to who will become the next king, Prince William or Prince Charles. And since the Queen’s grandson seems not interested in taking the reins, it’s most likely that Prince of Wales will take charge. Someday, he will become king, but will his wife Camilla be a queen?


It appears that Charles’ sons may indirectly affect the decision to grant a title. Right now, the whole world has its eyes on Prince Harry and his bride-to-be, pushing Camilla and Charles into the background.

And since William and Harry play it cool in a relationship with the royal couple after Diana’s death, this might make people refuse to accept the new queen. So, the Duchess of Cornwall will probably be Princess Consort.


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But what about Kate Middleton?

There’s no doubt that the Duchess of Cambridge is everyone’s favorite, so she definitely will not face the same attitude. But this still doesn’t mean she will be known as queen when her husband ascends to the throne.


Rules of succession mean that there can be only one monarch at a time. And with William being a king, Kate will be referred to as Queen Consort. Though it’s likely that we will all just call her Queen Kate.


Where do children come in the succession line?

While it’s clear who’s first and second in line to the throne, succession rules might be tricky when it comes to William’s and Harry’s children.

Next in line after William would be his kids who would also come before Prince Harry. In a similar fashion, all Harry’s children would come after him.



Prince Harry will be pushed down the list as soon as William’s new baby is born.

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