“I'm Blessed To Have Been Around Someone Like That”: Scott Eastwood Shares Thoughts About His Father

Date February 27, 2018

Everyone believes that the kids of actors or movies producers are destined to master the same profession as their parents. But Clint Eastwood wanted his son, Scott Eastwood, to choose his path on his own. In fact, he absolutely didn’t care on the choice of his kid. His key message was:

Whatever you do, do it well. Be humble, work hard and be a man.


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But when it comes to upbringing and the way his father treated him when he was younger, the actor says he was blessed to be around someone like that. And despite the fact, he was a rebel and needed a stick from time to time; now, he is eternally grateful to his father for everything.

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The last time the whole family appeared together was the premiere of "15:17 to Paris", another movie of Clint Eastwood. It gathered all family members together. Kyle, Alison, Scott, Francesca, Morgan, and Kathryn walked the red carpet together with their world-famous father.