Helen Mirren Surprised Everyone By Arriving At The Premiere Of 'Winchester' In A Bus

Date February 15, 2018

Dame Helen Mirren always arrives in style.


Instead of choosing a limo, like most A-list stars would do, or even a taxi, she decided to arrive at the premiere of her new movie, a horror film Winchester, by bus.

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The Oscar-winning actress is known for her roles in Elizabeth I, Gosford Park, Calendar Girls, Hitchcock, Woman in Gold, Trumbo, Red, and many other incredible films.

The Award-winning star posted on Instagram a photo of her in a gorgeous red dress sitting on a sit in an ordinary bus.

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She commented near the snap:

Arriving at the premiere for Winchester in Rome… by bus!

The black bus she used was decorated with lace in order to honor her character in the upcoming film.

Once Mirren stepped the carpet, she showed off her classic and chic style in a long red dress in which she looked positively stunning.

This is not the first time the British star chooses the "unconventional" for her status way of transportation. In fact, she is quite an avid user of public transportation. Over the years, a lot of her fans took to their Twitter accounts after spotting the silver-haired actress.

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On our way to the march in New York. See you there!

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Unlike many of her diva co-stars, the Oscar-winning Brit is actually a very modest celebrity and does not like to show off her celebrity status to others.

Helen’s new movie, Winchester, is based on the true story of Sarah Winchester, whom the actress portrays in the film. Sarah was convinced that she was being haunted by the ghosts of people who were killed by the famous rifle that her family manufactured.

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