“Sue Them”: Holly Marie Combs Despises The Reboot Of The CW’s ‘Charmed’


February 9, 2018 11:27 By Fabiosa

It’s been recently announced that the CW is working on the reboot of one of the most famous and loved series about magic in today’s world – Charmed. Three witch sisters are going to play the leading roles, and their names have already been revealed – Macy, Mel, and Madison.

The entire series is planned to be “a fierce, funny, feminist reboot” of the good-old Charmed. The writers of the reboot are Jessica O’Toole and Amy Rardin. When uncovering the plot, it’s necessary to tell that one of the sisters will be a lesbian who has a police detective girlfriend.

The CW is currently looking for the actors for the central roles, and they are considering women of “all ethnicities.” What is more, they are in search of a handsome man to play the role of the sisters’ whitelighter.

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Holly Marie Combs' reaction

And the first reactions of the original sisters are the ones we all could have expected. They made the series, and without them it won’t be the same. Holly Marie Combs was the first to voice her concerns, to put it mildly.

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She doesn’t believe anyone but them, and the original team can decently make the reboot of the series. And here’s her reaction in the tweets. You can easily tell by them how frustrated Holly Marie Combs is.

Shannen Doherty's reaction

In her turn, Shannen Doherty, another sister from Charmed, was a bit milder in her reaction to the news about the reboot. First, she tried to be even encouraging and a bit excited about that.

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However, probably after thinking everything over, she decided to be constructive about what’s going on; still, the actress made it clear the idea of the reboot isn’t be best one. She said in one of her tweets that she loved Charmed and wanted them to be respected.

Let’s see how everything will turn out, and meanwhile, what is your opinion about the reboot?

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