Prince Harry Will Be Inviting His Ex To His Wedding, And Meghan Markle Does Not Mind

Date January 18, 2018

There have been lots of rumors regarding the upcoming royal wedding, starting from the bride’s dress and the choice of the cake to bridesmaids and guest lists. As for the latter, this might be a surprise, but insiders say that Prince Harry plans to invite one of his ex-girlfriends to the wedding. And Meghan Markle knows about it and does not even mind!

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Inviting an ex

Actually, the two go through the list of guests very thoroughly, rethinking and rechecking it. One of Prince Harry’s exes, Chelsea Davy, may show up at the royal nuptials because she managed to maintain a friendly relationship with him. They still keep in touch, and she even congratulated him on the engagement.

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The source also added that Chelsea was already on the preliminary list of guests, and Meghan did not object to her presence at the wedding.

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Wedding guest list

Of course, the entire royal family and other political figures will be there to witness how the two tie the knot. Among celebs who may be invited to the long-awaited ceremony are the Beckhams, Markle’s costars from Suits, Sir Elton John, and the Obamas. The Prince might also invite his army comrades. The only thing known is that there will be fewer guests than at Catherine and William’s wedding because of the venue’s capacity.

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But there’s one person that will not be invited for sure, and this is another one of Prince Harry’s exes. The grandson of the Queen does not communicate with Cressida Bonas, whom he dated for 2 years.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their engagement at the end of November 2017. The wedding will take place on May 19, 2018, at St. George Chapel.

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